1-Week Co-design Sprint

In July, the transitional urbanism project Hospitalières en transition is launched at la Cité-des-Hospitalières (CdH). Phase 1 invites community initiatives to propose short-term occupancies of 1-30 days in a repurposed convent. To do justice to CdH’s unique vocational heritage, 7 directives are outlined to guide the selection process: reconciliation, female leadership, healing and reconnection, teaching, hospitality, creativity, and the common good. Given its open-ended yet purposeful nature, the team feels Value Collective had the potential to relate to most, if not all, of the directives. The convent’s unique communal residential architecture also seemed ideal for the residency program. 

Value Collective is accepted for a week-long occupation in August, comprising 3 structured workshops and 2 semi-structured “open houses,” including presentations to contextualize the activities.
See a recap of the week here.