Current Residents

Backwood Studio

Backwood Studio serves as a bridge platform between artists and art enthusiasts. The main focus of our activities goes into creating music events and immersive experiences. We seek to strengthen Montreal’s cultural landscape by connecting local & international communities of designers, musicians & visual artists. ‘’ – Alexandre Nuance (Founder, Art Director)


We aim to engage all citizens – particularly those experiencing or at risk of homelessness – to form an inclusive, caring community that empowers and dignifies all its members. We aim to foster conditions for all stakeholders to maximize the impact of existing efforts on local social issues and to ensure consistency in services.

Decolonial Solidarity

The Decolonial Solidarity project has been put together by a team of settler and allied activists. We did so in response to a call-to-action from Wet’suwet’en Land Defenders following the RCMP invasion of their land in November of 2021. We seek to support front-line Land Defenders in their struggles against colonialism and extractivism. As allies, we are directly accountable to frontline Land Defenders who communicate with our organizing team. They ultimately approve or veto our goals, strategy, tactics, and targets.


Goldjian is a queer immigrant from France, who lives in Tiohta:ke and learns restorative practices to make space and transform their guilt into respons-abilities, and heal their own and relative conflicts. They were introduced to restorative work through Ron/Veronica Meetoos, a Cree two spirited artist working on decolonial restoration, and learned this particular practice of restorative circles and systems with their friend Di Ponti (Christiania, Copenhagen). Goldjian deepened this work because of a high concern they have for how we treat, punish, exile, shame each other in queer, artistic and activist communities. and to make space for grieving and support systems. Their intention is to contribute to a restorative culture (vs withholding a specialty) that can support more of us to move forward to safer places of collective healing and transformation.

Milton Parc Citizen’s Committee

The MPCC is a membership-based, non-partisan organization, which strives to encourage and help create grassroots democracy and collective autonomy. Our projects are based on mutual aid, urban ecology, popular education, housing justice, and direct democracy.

Past Residents