Outreach & Education

The aim of VC Outreach and Education is to provoke culture change by empowering a collective response to current economic conditions. After several years of research and reflections on the connection between financial systems, urbanism, motivational psychology and design, members of VCDC began receiving requests to publish essays, present at public events, give workshops and […]


The aim of VC Research is to simultaneously support the development of alter-economic models and promote systems that decenter money. Incorporating both source-based and participatory research, VCDC aspires to base its designs on formal knowledge and lived experience. A growing body within academia is challenging fundamental economic principles and proposing regenerative ways of coordinating in […]


VC Residencies aim to support value-driven work by facilitating access to common resources. “Value-driven work” is work that is intrinsically-motivated, and difficult to monetize. As VC Residents, value-driven workers share access to a collection of resources known as the VC Commons. Resources include tangible assets such as space and equipment, as well as intangible assets […]

Time Bank

The Creative Currencies Program aims to encourage creative experimentation with alter-economic thinking and practice. Our first foray into this interdisciplinary field of design and economics involved ample research into timebanking and the production of prototypes to stimulate discussion and draw the interest of potential collaborators. VC aspires to use creative currencies as an intervention that […]