Past Events

Re-Defining Economy

Nov 30 @ 5:30-7:00pm

Hosted by VCDC
How can we expand what counts as ‘economic activity’? By exploring this question, this workshop will dive into the familiar, yet under-recognized, world of alter-economies. As a group, we will unpack conventional understandings of ‘economic activity’, and elaborate new ones that better relate to our own personal experiences, needs, and values. Participants are encouraged to come with imagination and an open mind, and to speak from the heart.

Hosted by Madelyn
Marked by the fall equinox, this will be the formal opening of the Festival of Fools, a participatory performance dedicated to curiosity and playful experimentation. Participants are invited to shed their presumptions, pursue neglected impulses, and embrace the unfamiliar through an improvised selection of events, challenges, questions, prompts, and open-ended explorations. Those who are interested can stay in the loop by signing up here:


Friday November 11th, 2022

Hosted by Design Arts Student Alliance

A pop-up art exhibition + party based on the theme of “play,” showcasing work from Concordia Fine Arts students. There will also be performance art pieces, DJ’s and drinks! DASA aims to support the artistic community and to build long lasting relationships along the way. An open call has been issued to Fine Arts students at Concordia. Submissions can be sent to before November 4th!

Anishnabe Moose Research Project Press Conference

Friday, November 4th, 2022 4-6 pm EST

Hosted by Research for the Front Lines

Over the last year the Anishnabe Moose Research Committee has been conducting research about moose populations and their health, in and around La Verendrye Parc. On November 4th the report will be released at this hybrid launch event and press conference. The report is meant to raise awareness about the threats that the moose are facing and inform decision-making about the extension of the moratorium on sport hunting in the parc. Come celebrate this community-led work, to share the findings and to talk about how to collectively build public pressure to ensure the Quebec respects Anishnabe moose governance.

Beloved Economies Book Launch

Sept. 20 2022 @ 6-8pm

Participation by VCDC

Co-presented by the Value Collective development crew with CSU, SHIFT and SEIZE, this book launch is part of the Dis/Orientation 2022 series. Based on extensive research with organizations and companies that are boldly breaking out of business as usual, Beloved Economies offers readers an imagination-expanding vision of what work could be.

Indigenous Arts Market and Festival

Sept. 17 2022 @ 11-6pm

Hosted by Comm-un Co-cogitation Panel

Sept. 12, 2022 2-4 pm

Participation by VCDC

Value Collective developers Maddy, Maya, Gabe and Thomas will be speaking on the Co-cogitate: Group Provocations on Sustainability panel as part of the Symposium. An alternative to the formal panel, this exploratory event brings together a collection of vibrantly diverse perspectives, to co.cogitate on our relationships to sustainability.

Hosted by VCDC

Join us for a presentation and interactive discussion around the theories, methods, and future plans of our emerging living lab. This event will be held in English at the Next-Generation Cities Institute, located on the 6th floor of the ER building at Concordia University. The 45-minute presentation will be followed by a 45-minute Q&A.

Indigeous Research Methods

July 26 @ 6:30-8:30pm

Hosted by Research for the Front Lines

Join us for a workshop with VC residents Jen Gobby and Keith Scott of Research For the Front Lines. Co-presented by Indigenous Climate Action, this event will feature Professor Deborah McGregor of The Indigenous Environmental Justice Project, and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Environmental Justice at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University. Come learn about the rich, diverse, and dynamic world of Indigenous approaches to research and how they are contributing to the fight for climate and environmental justice across so-called Canada.

It Takes a Village

July 21 @ 5:45-7:30pm

Hosted by Comm-un

Join us for a workshop with VC resident Jonathan Lebire of Comm-Un, an initiative to connect, improve, and expand upon support services for people experiencing homelessness. Following a short presentation about the initiative, we will be workshopping Comm-Un’s strategies for communications, outreach and mobilization. By bringing people together for discussions and planning concerning street reality, we can change our systems to better meet the needs of vulnerable unhoused communities.

Re-defining Economy

May 12 2022 @ 5-6:30pm

Hosted by VCDC

A 1.5 hour session where we will unpack implicit understandings of the term ‘economy’ and then, together, workshop a new definition. Participants are encouraged to come with resources and information that they think will help widen everyone’s understanding and contribute to a new definition.