The Festival
of Fools is a participatory performance dedicated
to curiosity
and playful experimentation.

Participants are invited to shed their assumptions, pursue neglected impulses, and embrace the unfamiliar through a variegated selection of events, challenges, questions, prompts, and open-ended explorations.

Sept 21st – Nov 20th, 2022

Hosted in collaboration with Créer des ponts

the fool

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The Fool is a cultural archetype associated with beginnings, innocence, and spontaneity. The Fool represents an “every person” on a journey of self-discovery, questioning everything in a very open and embodied way. Being an outsider, the Fool can be the one who presents the unseen possibility or expresses unthinkable thoughts.

The Fool tarot card depicts an innocent walking along the edge of a cliff, about to fall off the precipice or take a leap of faith. Unnumbered, it holds an ambiguous place as either the lowest or highest aspect. In games, it is sometimes called “the excuse.”